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We approach every shed with the same attitude,
no matter how big or small your project.

Our Approach & Commitment

Every shed is different, and we pride ourselves on bringing you the best service possible while saving you as much money as possible. Specialising in pole sheds, The Shed Specialists Co takes great pride in being the best at what they do, and at having great local people on board, as well as being the best pole shed building company in the country.

The SHED SPECIALISTS Co. TEaM have demonstrated on numerous occasions THEIR willingness to do a good job and desire to make sure that the customer is happy with the work at the end of a project. I have found them to be professional, to be aware and have high levels of Health and Safety standards on site, keep a site clean and tidy and build sheds to a high standard.
  • Ben Giesen, Ngai Tahu Farming
the shed specialists co. team were highly professional, efficient and courteous. We were extremely happy with the ease of dealing with Aaron, the quality of the build, how quickly the build took, and how tidy the site was left at the completion of the shed. If we build another shed, we will definitely be contacting Shed Specialists to do the job and would highly recommend Aaron and his crew for the construction of any sheds.
  • Darryl, Parnassus Dairys Ltd
Our Process & Approach

Learn About Our Specialist Shed Building Techniques

Learn About Our Specialist Shed Building Techniques

The Shed Specialists Co understands that every customer has different needs for their shed. This means that every shed is tailored and built to your specifications.

We specialise in building cost-effective, custom sheds, combining specialised techniques, machinery and equipment that make the job faster, and the pole-shed building procedure more refined and efficient.

We don’t just build sheds, and we’re not a jack of all trades. We specialize in custom-making sheds and honing our specialist skills to ensure that we are the best at what we do.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional and high-quality build.

The Shed Specialists Co offer a build-only service, providing you with suppliers and cutting out the middleman to ensure the most cost-effective project possible.

Our team builds a range of sheds, both architecturally designed and general-purpose use including workshops, farm sheds, hay sheds, shearing sheds/covered yards, storage, kit-set sheds, and light aircraft hangars.

We have a shed solution for every need; no job is too big or small for our team of experts.

Our service includes all the critical elements ensuring that every shed is fit for purpose, including concrete floors, roller doors, ranch sliders, window installations, and more.

We offer you transparent pricing and no middleman meaning you get the best price for your build.

Typically, a customer receives an additional mark-up on materials consequential of their builder providing both supply and build services, and this is where The Shed Specialists Co fill a really niche gap in the market.

We have established working relationships with several great suppliers and are able to direct you to a supplier that we know is trustworthy and reliable, while also achieving cost-efficiency on your project.

In addition to the build service itself, The Shed Specialists Co provide a no-charge consultation of your project requirements to ensure that you are getting the best service possible from the supplier to meet with your individual project needs.
We go above and beyond to ensure that your project is perfect. We do this with:

  • Speed and quality of build: Eye for detail using specialised shed building machinery rather than ladders and mobile scaffolding.
  • Our build-only service which provides the most cost-effective option for your project, in addition to the no-cost duty of care that we provide to ensure that you are being looked after by the supplier to the highest standard.
  • We specialise in building sheds only which allows us to focus on refining our skills, technology, and machinery to ensure that we are achieving the highest level of consistency and quality possible, and to ensure that we provide a product and service that is matched by no other in the industry.

Contact us today to get your shed underway.

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