If you’re planning on building a shed for your property, there are more things to consider than you might think. Amongst other things, you must ensure it’s incorporated into your existing area well and serves its purpose perfectly.

Every shed is different, and we approach every project with the same care and attention. We first understand what your shed will be used for, then propose what it will look like, what it will be built out of, and what will be incorporated in it, as well as advice on the best location within your property (if needed). In addition to the build service, we provide a no-charge consultation of your project requirements, like dealing with our suppliers who will provide material for the build, ensuring a good price, quality of products and service from each. 

Below are the questions we suggest you ask yourself before contacting us so that we can better understand your project and offer the best option. 

1. What is the purpose of the shed?

Assess how you'll utilise your new shed. Will it predominantly serve as storage, workshop, home office or something else? How often will you need to access it, and what will you need to get out of it every time (like tools, heavy machinery, or your prized possession like a boat)? What specific needs will this space be used for?

2. How long will I use this shed for this purpose, and how can I (or someone else) use it in the future?

While it’s helpful to understand what this shed will be used for immediately, it’s also essential to future-proof it. Whether things in your personal life may change (for example, a new job or hobby) or you will sell your property one day - you need to consider what other uses this shed may be used for and, to a certain degree, future-proof it for yourself or the next property owner. Will the shed be easily adapted to something else, or are you customising it so much that it will only be used for the current purpose you have in mind?

3. What size should (or can) the shed be?

Besides your wishes, you may need to consider things like your local council, neighbours, or anything that may affect your decision on the shed’s size.  Height restrictions and any other regulations, as well as how much space you have available on your property, can dictate the size. 

We have a shed solution for every need, and no job is too big or small, so we can suggest the most suitable shed for your unique needs. So contact us, and our team of experts will happily answer any questions.