With the rise of remote work and the rising cost of living, it's understandable that many people create sheds for their office space or retail spot. We help many customers build such sheds and would like to share several crucial factors to consider when planning to build one. 

Functionality: Define the primary purpose of your office shed. Will it serve solely as a workspace, or do you need additional storage? Will you see clients there and require reception or waiting space? Understanding its intended use will dictate the shed's layout, size, and features.

Location: Will your shed need easy customer access? Will it need to be further away from the road noise? What level of privacy will it require? Choose a location that provides the right balance of privacy and accessibility, depending on what your work involves. 

Security: Consider what security measures your office shed will need. Will you store expensive materials or equipment or store other businesses' property or sensitive information inside? What level of security will you need? These can include sturdy locks, motion-sensor lights, and any security system to protect what's inside. 

Design: Many choose to create a shed exterior similar to their main property, and some choose to have a statement piece built. This depends on personal preference, whether clients will visit your office, and what you'd like it to look like. Consider this when choosing a design.

Insulation and Moisture Control: As this space will be used more often than a usual shed (for tools, for example), we strongly suggest investing in making it well-insulated and creating a moisture-free space to ensure a healthy environment for you and others.

Electrical and Connectivity Needs: Plan for adequate electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and internet connectivity.

Custom options: every business has unique needs, and having a builder who can customise your space to suit your needs is the key. We understand this is important and create sheds customised to your unique lifestyle and needs.