In the heart of New Zealand’s thriving rural community lies a support network called Rural Support Trust, which fosters resilience and growth. As a shed-building business deeply involved in our country’s rural industry, we understand the importance of supporting our community beyond just constructing structures for them. That's why we proudly support Rural Support Trust, a platform dedicated to enhancing the vitality of rural communities in New Zealand.

Rural life comes with its unique challenges, and Rural Support Trust serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating the ups and downs of living in the countryside. The organisation provides crucial support for farmers, families, and businesses through various initiatives and resources.

One key element in our standing behind Rural Support Trust is the emphasis on mental health. Living in rural areas can sometimes lead to isolation, and the stresses of farming life can take a toll on individuals and families. The organisation offers a range of mental health resources and services, ensuring that no one in the community feels alone in their struggles. By backing Rural Support Trust, we contribute to the support system that extends far beyond our sheds, encompassing the overall well-being of the community we serve.

Additionally, the organisation plays a crucial role in disaster recovery. Rural communities are often vulnerable to natural disasters, and the Rural Support Trust provides assistance and resources during challenging times. By supporting this initiative, our business actively participates in protecting and safeguarding New Zealand’s rural industry and its people.

Our commitment to supporting Rural Support Trust is based on our belief that a thriving community is built on more than just physical structures like the sheds we build for them. We recognise the importance of supporting the mental health and resilience of the rural population we serve. 

If you'd like to join us in supporting Rural Support Trust, please go over to this Givealittle Page