A storage shed can offer many benefits, from creating more space in your home and getting rid of clutter, keeping things secure and dry or serving as a cross between storage and workshop space. With so many options available, it can be confusing what shed to choose and what exactly it should have to be your optimal storage shed.

With our experience and knowledge in sheds, we wanted to share some common mistakes people make when building a storage shed on their land.

1. Wrong size 

This is the first and most important step in your shed-buying process. Check your available space and get a shed specialist to check what can go in there and whether there’s a better way to maximise the available space, especially if your site is challenging. Deciding on your own and potentially taking incorrect measurements can result in a shed that could’ve been better for the site. 

2. Forgetting to check your local council regulations and laws

Many New Zealand areas have different regulations around additional buildings on your land. Not checking what you’re allowed to have on your site can be a very costly mistake. 

3. Not considering the climate

You can buy the best-looking shed, but if it’s built out of materials that will not withstand your weather, it’ll be useless and fall apart in weeks or months. You must consider if your area gets too much rain or snow or is an open space with lots of daily wind. Choosing to go with a local shed builder is a great way to avoid making this mistake, as they will know what products should be used in your area to ensure the longevity of your shed. 

4. Choosing a standard shed builder who cannot customise

Dealing with a shed builder who cannot work outside of their standard shed options is dangerous. Choosing a shed builder who can customise your shed to exactly what you need and to suit your area and local climate can help avoid all the above mistakes that some people make.

5. Don’t get hung up on the price. 

When you deal with a shed specialist, they will find the very best solution for your requirements and to suit your area. Don’t get hung up on how the price is structured, as every shed and the area it’s being built on is unique, so local rates, material, and labour costs can vary. If you’re dealing with a local shed specialist though, you won't go wrong and will receive the best suitable option for your land.