As a shed-building company striving to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers, we keep up with what’s new in shed-building technology and design. 

Sheds have come a long way from simple structures built decades ago and serve many purposes these days. The Shed Specialists Co. team is involved in creating some of the most advanced shed projects in the country, and we love being a part of beautiful sheds coming to life! 

Below, we wanted to list some trends we’ve noticed over the years of building sheds. 

1. Architecturally Designed

We have noticed the move towards architecturally designed and visually pleasing sheds that add value to the owner’s property. The days of hiding a shed behind a property are gone, and we see many customers getting architecturally designed sheds they can have as eye-catching masterpieces on their property. The Shed Specialists Co. has a team that can design and build to bring your picture to life, whether it’s something grand or humble. 

2. Multi-functional Spaces

From farms to lifestyle blocks to workshops and living spaces, we noticed the rise in building structures suitable for more than just storage. Sheds have certainly become multi-functional spaces and versatile extensions of living spaces, adapting to the diverse needs of their owners. The Shed Specialists Co. team builds lean-to sheds, apex sheds, aircraft hangars, farm/shearing sheds, and other custom sheds. 

3. Sustainable Materials

Environmental consciousness has been driving a shift towards sustainable construction in New Zealand for a while now. Our customers are more aware of the materials used and ways their shed is built to preserve the environment for future generations. While The Shed Specialists Co. offers a build-only service, we still guide our customers to our trusted partners who sell sustainable and quality materials to build their sheds. We ensure that our partners look after our customers to the highest standard.

4. Smart Technology Integration

As the shed building company that uses some of the latest technology to build our customers’ sheds, we only expect that the sheds we create are also equipped with the latest technology. Our clients have been incorporating smart systems like automated lighting, advanced security, energy-efficient solutions or easy access/lock systems. Whatever our customers' needs are, we support them by providing advice for the right smart system providers for their shed. 

5. Tight timeframes

Many of our customers are business owners who come to us needing a shed for their business. Many have a limited time and need their shed completed quickly. We pride ourselves on the speed of the build while maintaining the quality of the sheds we deliver. We use specialised machinery in building sheds (rather than ladders and mobile scaffolding), so we can complete sheds sooner than our competitors.