So you got yourself a nice-looking shed and are now trying to figure out how to fit all your things in it? Or you might want a shed, but the space you have is limited, so you’re not even sure you want to have a shed there if you can't fit everything in it. Well, guess what - using our storage suggestions below, you can easily utilise a tiny space fitting all your favourite things. A well-organised shed means you will have all your tools and essential things inside and be able to find them quickly. Of course, your shed doesn’t need to be perfect, but it sure needs to be functional. Here are our suggestions.

Create a Slat Wall and Magnetic Bar System

This is the best way to organise your tools - hang them or attach them to the wall. Walls can be a great way to save your floor space from being crowded. A slat wall is a similar concept to a peg wall. However, it’s more robust and requires a sturdy shed to hold the weight. Use this wall setup to hang any tools; for those that cannot be hung, you can attach them to a magnetic bar. Add a hanging jar system for keeping nails and smaller bits in them. It’s a great system where you can have as many rows of jars as you need hanging on the wall.

Hang garden tools on the exterior wall

This idea is best suited when your shed has a roof overhang to protect it from the elements, but nevertheless, if you have garden tools like spades and rakes you use often, you can hang them on the exterior wall.

Add tall open shelves

Tall open shelves inside give you much-needed storage space and save you from leaving things on the floor. Creating a basket system with labels for these shelves is another great idea. It creates a tidy look and helps you find things quickly.

Hang cords on hooks

Tangled cords are a massive headache, especially when trying to get on with your task instead of wasting time sorting them out. Hanging them on hooks will save you time and keep you organised with where things are. You can place hooks on the walls or beams inside.

Build a workbench

Organised space like a workbench can also serve as storage. It’s like your kitchen counter - use its surface for doing your work and storage draws for keeping things at arm’s length.