With a successful career in the industry as a reputable building developer, Aaron Nesbit understands customer needs when it comes to quality and service. Over the years Aaron has worked across the globe in a range of exciting fields including as a commercial diver on an oil rig and in the military, but it is in creating of The Shed Specialists Co that Aaron has found his true passion.

Aaron’s love of construction, paired with his years of experience working with people, the overwhelming success of The Shed Specialists Co franchise comes as no surprise.

Not wanting to be just another building company, he wanted to bring something to market that was cutting edge and set The Shed Specialists Co apart from any competitors.

Speaking to what he believes has led to The Shed Specialists Co’s notable success, Aaron has the following to say:

The Shed Specialists Co franchise is built around the ethos that ‘Your Shed is Our Reputation’ and this is the core foundation of the service that we provide to every customer. As a business, we pride ourselves on:

  • Quality: Providing exceptional quality sheds and living spaces that are custom made and fit for purpose.
  • Efficiency: Our reputation for speed and efficiency means that our customers’ expectations are beyond exceeded throughout their entire Shed Specialists Co experience.
  • Customer communication: Understanding customer service means understanding that customers need consistency in communication throughout the entire service process.

During my time in the military, being a supervisor on oil rigs, and leading dive teams around the world, I worked with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, and varying temperaments and capacities for stress. It is from this experience that I have learned how to make people feel valued, and how to get the best out of a team.

I think it is so important to lead by example. You cannot ask your team to do something that you are not willing to do yourself. So, I get out there and work with the boys on site, and make sure that they see that I am right there with them; I create a good morale on site to foster a good team spirit.

I am a firm believer, just like I was taught in the military and as I learned in my previous work on oil rigs and running dive teams all around the world, that a good team starts with a good leader.

To get the best out of a team, the leader must lead by example; show your team the way, teach them the right attitude, provide them with the equipment and training that they need. Once you have that right, everything else will fall into place.

Aaron is excited to expand his franchise network by expanding The Shed Specialists Co reach to all of New Zealand to ensure that high quality sheds built in a fraction of the time are accessible to all potential clients.

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